“Don’t lead a deferred life.”

I am in the core team of Students’ Placement Office of our institute, I occasionally get assigned any work that is relating to placement procedure, which requires the use of Computer Center(CC), probably because, I understand the technical requirements of conducting those tests & hence in a better position to negotiate with the CC authorities and sometimes because I am the only person who is free during a particular time (conversely others are busy with some other work.) I am now at the end of my tenure and probably this was going to be my last assignment, Navyug Infosolutions. I thought it is going to be same as any other assignments that I have had, but it turned out to be very exciting…  How and Why, you may ask? Read on ;).

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My experience and interview at IITK (Kanpur) – Part I – The journey to Kanpur

Nearly a week before, on 8th May, i was packing my bags to catch my train to Jhansi ( Karnataka Samparkkranti ). I had been shortlisted for written test and interview based on my GATE Score ( 784, cutoff being 750), from Jhansi I had to board an intercity express to kanpur early in the morning. Continue reading “My experience and interview at IITK (Kanpur) – Part I – The journey to Kanpur”