Social Networking website – In under 12hrs!

So, it all began with Abhinav asking me to put up last year’s ‘yearbook’ site online for the current graduating batch of IITK. He also told me that the site was so heavily used last time that the server it was hosted on had crashed! Consequently CC deleted all the hosted data and now is glaringly empty. I handle the Navya server ever since Praneeth graduated, it is an ideal server to host such an app. I had recommended the same to Abhay, the Student Gymkhana President few weeks back, so it was now upto me to configure the app and host it online. Out of curiosity, I just took a peep into the code, it was literally a mess! Continue reading “Social Networking website – In under 12hrs!”

“Don’t lead a deferred life.”

I am in the core team of Students’ Placement Office of our institute, I occasionally get assigned any work that is relating to placement procedure, which requires the use of Computer Center(CC), probably because, I understand the technical requirements of conducting those tests & hence in a better position to negotiate with the CC authorities and sometimes because I am the only person who is free during a particular time (conversely others are busy with some other work.) I am now at the end of my tenure and probably this was going to be my last assignment, Navyug Infosolutions. I thought it is going to be same as any other assignments that I have had, but it turned out to be very exciting…  How and Why, you may ask? Read on ;).

Continue reading ““Don’t lead a deferred life.””

My experience and interview at IITK (Kanpur) – Part III – The final interview

This is the last post in this series, If you haven’t yet read the previous posts, head over to here ,

Well, as you might have already expected, I got shortlisted for interview, Out of 294 people who wrote the written test, 60 got shortlisted. The next round was personal interview, Continue reading “My experience and interview at IITK (Kanpur) – Part III – The final interview”

Finally, I am back!

I am back after a pretty long time, my site was down for upgrading for nearly a month! (yeah, you read that correct, month! ), I wanted to write so many posts in between, but couldn’t do cause of server being down. But now, I am back and back for good :)! Keep a watch in this space for quick updates in next few days (or hours 😉 )

Exam Blues!

I have couple of posts nearly ready to be published, but due to exams, I haven’t had enough time to edit them and publish. So till the exams get over(on June 2nd), expect no more posts. Oh, btw, wish me luck for my exams :)!