When I began this blog, I was quite confident of putting up posts regularly, but now, as you can see, this is turning to be a dormant one! I want to blog about each and every experience I have had, but somehow I am unable to take out time from the hectic course work. I never thought a person like me would be so busy that I can’t even take out time to write a few words that makes a permanent record of my memories. Today, after months together, I have found some free time, no, not because I have completed my course nor cause I have no assignments to do, but cause I have a mid-term break :). I hereby resurrect my blog and try to blog regularly.

My experience and interview at IITK (Kanpur) – Part II – The written test

Continuing from my previous post,

I finally reached Kanpur at around 11am, I took a taxi (actually a 6 seater auto kind of vehicle, popularly known as chakdi) to rawatpur from station, the rates of these taxis are unbelievably cheap, I paid 8 bucks for nearly 15kms!  I took another taxi from rawatpur to IIT, again paid only 2 bucks for abt 3kms… Continue reading “My experience and interview at IITK (Kanpur) – Part II – The written test”

Finally, I am back!

I am back after a pretty long time, my site was down for upgrading for nearly a month! (yeah, you read that correct, month! ), I wanted to write so many posts in between, but couldn’t do cause of server being down. But now, I am back and back for good :)! Keep a watch in this space for quick updates in next few days (or hours 😉 )

Exam Blues!

I have couple of posts nearly ready to be published, but due to exams, I haven’t had enough time to edit them and publish. So till the exams get over(on June 2nd), expect no more posts. Oh, btw, wish me luck for my exams :)!

My experience and interview at IITK (Kanpur) – Part I – The journey to Kanpur

Nearly a week before, on 8th May, i was packing my bags to catch my train to Jhansi ( Karnataka Samparkkranti ). I had been shortlisted for written test and interview based on my GATE Score ( 784, cutoff being 750), from Jhansi I had to board an intercity express to kanpur early in the morning. Continue reading “My experience and interview at IITK (Kanpur) – Part I – The journey to Kanpur”

Hello world!

Finally, I am here to post something on my blog! I have been quite busy with my regular work, hence maintaining a blog was always out of question, I did try maintaining a blog @, but as you can see, I failed at maintaining it regularly.

But this blog is not going to be dormant. I love to speak out and record all the significant events of my life on this blog.