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The progress rate achieved in past few decades has resulted in more advancement than all the inventions and discoveries made prior to 1800s – right from the time of first human, about 2.5 million years ago. Science and Engineering have been the prime drivers of this progress, especially so is the discipline of Computer Science, which has changed the magnitude of operations, that we can comprehend and operate, exponentially. The possibilities which were once unimaginable are now realities and often taken for granted, by the ephemeral society. The human of yesteryears would be perplexed if one were to tell him that, cure to human diseases can be found by an inanimate circuitry of complex proportions.


Even though the complexities of circuitry and various technological inventions have been growing ever since the invention of vacuum tube powered computation engines; it is to the credit of principles of engineering, that, one generation has been able to transfer the existing knowledge and the state-of-the-art improvements, to their younger generation. I have been worshipper and an ardent follower of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology, always in awe of possibilities enabled by my field of study. I am one of those  who has transformed from just imagining dreams to one, who can realize them, after all, I am supposed to be the designer of future. I am a student of and for life.

Last ever game I played, seriously!

Which kid doesn’t like games? Especially the video games! My first ever encounter of a video game dates back to around 1999, it wasn’t my console, but a neighbour’s, every time I went to his place, I made sure that we played a game of Mario or Battle tanks on it! During the summer holidays, I used to spend extended hours at my friends place playing with the joystick, it used to give me such a rush of adrenaline!  I was so immersed in it that my mom one day said that I was running my fingers as if I was handling a joystick in sleep the day before, so much was my addiction to it!  Continue reading “Last ever game I played, seriously!”

“Don’t lead a deferred life.”

I am in the core team of Students’ Placement Office of our institute, I occasionally get assigned any work that is relating to placement procedure, which requires the use of Computer Center(CC), probably because, I understand the technical requirements of conducting those tests & hence in a better position to negotiate with the CC authorities and sometimes because I am the only person who is free during a particular time (conversely others are busy with some other work.) I am now at the end of my tenure and probably this was going to be my last assignment, Navyug Infosolutions. I thought it is going to be same as any other assignments that I have had, but it turned out to be very exciting…  How and Why, you may ask? Read on ;).

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My experience and interview at IITK (Kanpur) – Part III – The final interview

This is the last post in this series, If you haven’t yet read the previous posts, head over to here ,

Well, as you might have already expected, I got shortlisted for interview, Out of 294 people who wrote the written test, 60 got shortlisted. The next round was personal interview, Continue reading “My experience and interview at IITK (Kanpur) – Part III – The final interview”