Social Networking website – In under 12hrs!

So, it all began with Abhinav asking me to put up last year’s ‘yearbook’ site online for the current graduating batch of IITK. He also told me that the site was so heavily used last time that the server it was hosted on had crashed! Consequently CC deleted all the hosted data and now is glaringly empty. I handle the Navya server ever since Praneeth graduated, it is an ideal server to host such an app. I had recommended the same to Abhay, the Student Gymkhana President few weeks back, so it was now upto me to configure the app and host it online. Out of curiosity, I just took a peep into the code, it was literally a mess! Continue reading “Social Networking website – In under 12hrs!”

What apps do I use most?

This is going to be my first ever ‘tech’ post on my blog, thanks to Avinash. Yesterday when we were chatting casually, he mentioned of creating an app that would track the apps that consume most of his time on the computer. It seemed a very interesting tool to have, I googled a bit and found that X on GNU/Linux platforms has a very nice querying interface through ‘xprop’ and the complete list of reference is over here: . So I hacked up a small script Continue reading “What apps do I use most?”