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The progress rate achieved in past few decades has resulted in more advancement than all the inventions and discoveries made prior to 1800s – right from the time of first human, about 2.5 million years ago. Science and Engineering have been the prime drivers of this progress, especially so is the discipline of Computer Science, which has changed the magnitude of operations, that we can comprehend and operate, exponentially. The possibilities which were once unimaginable are now realities and often taken for granted, by the ephemeral society. The human of yesteryears would be perplexed if one were to tell him that, cure to human diseases can be found by an inanimate circuitry of complex proportions.


Even though the complexities of circuitry and various technological inventions have been growing ever since the invention of vacuum tube powered computation engines; it is to the credit of principles of engineering, that, one generation has been able to transfer the existing knowledge and the state-of-the-art improvements, to their younger generation. I have been worshipper and an ardent follower of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology, always in awe of possibilities enabled by my field of study. I am one of those  who has transformed from just imagining dreams to one, who can realize them, after all, I am supposed to be the designer of future. I am a student of and for life.

Author: Adarsh

I am just another human being living on planet earth, I believe in technology and try to keep myself constantly updated with latest technologies around the corner. I am an avid computer programmer and also a sys admin who spends most of his time in configuring and keeping the services up with least errors and high availability. I am also a gadgets freak and tend to hack around with lots of interesting hardware like smart phone, wii remote, smart cards, gps receiver, usb data card etc… I am also highly interested in the field of computer and internet security and tend to do lot of experimentation with networks and lot of viruses. I am also a web programmer and designer, who loves to get the things done on the fly and go to extremes to make my app behave same on different platforms and form factors. Currently I am pursuing my Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. I completed my Bachelors of Engineering study at M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology and Masters of Technology from IITK. I had a short stint at startup with my friends at Arnium Technologies Pvt Ltd by being its CTO and forming the initial development team and infrastructure, I continue passively as a Director now. I spend my free time in mentoring students for their projects and manage some administrative work for departmental student body. I am also a FOSS enthusiast and currently manage the FOSS group, navya, here in IITK.

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