Last ever game I played, seriously!

Which kid doesn’t like games? Especially the video games! My first ever encounter of a video game dates back to around 1999, it wasn’t my console, but a neighbour’s, every time I went to his place, I made sure that we played a game of Mario or Battle tanks on it! During the summer holidays, I used to spend extended hours at my friends place playing with the joystick, it used to give me such a rush of adrenaline!  I was so immersed in it that my mom one day said that I was running my fingers as if I was handling a joystick in sleep the day before, so much was my addiction to it! 

I had played computer games too back then, Dave and Road Rash are classics I still adore! Fast forward to 2008, one fine day, I got my hands on Age of Empires 2, a strategic game, I decided to install it and give it a try. It was my semester break, I woke up early in morning, started with installation, played the game that evening, for couple of hours I think. I played multiple times after that, it took me 7 or 8 plays to clearly understand what needs to be done(I hate reading game play manual! What fun it is, if it was just some bland instructions that one has to follow to enjoy the game! It’s the game that should make the player play the way he feels, it should be intuitive and the game should drive itself!).

I spent the next week playing and enjoying AoE, then came the weekend that I began on one of the campaigns of AoE II, I don’t recollect the exact details now, but I started early in the morning around 8am, I played the whole day, may be pausing for few 5-10 mins break and continued it all over night, all the time totally immersed into it and planning strategies to grow my empire, to win the battles!, it was ticking about 40 hours since I started playing, without sleep, without much food and I was totally enjoying it! I do remember my mom scolding me every few hours asking me to shut it off and talk to her, but the game kept my adrenaline high! I didn’t have much energy left after playing the game, I crashed off to bed and slept for more than 10 hours I think. After I woke up, I realized that it was actually more than 1 whole day that I spent on my system, just playing the game!

No doubt, I completely give the compliments to the creators of the game, but, I looked back and felt captured, addicted to a game, which took me into control! It was then that I developed a strong opinion that for me, computer won’t be a device to play game, it would be a tool that I would use for programming and decided that computers are meant to do better things in my hand. I know some will agree and some will disagree to this point, its just a perspective, some see heads of a coin others see tails, but its the same coin! From then on till now, that last game of AoE II is the only game that I played seriously! I did get myself an XBOX few months back, but I play only for few minutes or couple of hours at a stretch now, never more. I miss the serious gaming, but at the same time, I am glad that I am able to put my computers to better uses. Also, this is the reason why you won’t find any games on my Nexus 7 :)!

Oh, also, its been an year since my last post! So well, Hi, I am still alive! 🙂

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