Lots of updates :)

phew! Finally I am taking out some time to update the blog, I have so many things to update …

To begin with, I am too busy these days to regularly update the blog(should already be apparent by seeing my recent activity on blog 😛 ), but I would try my best to do better than what I have been doing. I am highly inspired by how my guide, Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi, keeps updating his blog even in midst of busy schedule of teaching a class of 500+ students! ( Probably you should go and read his blog ). Ok, now the list of updates is here:

  • This blog is moved to my own server (Yaay! This was long pending, I was using x10hosting.com for long, now I have complete control over things that happen :D, btw, did I mention? My site was *hacked* and my homepage was replaced while I was on x10hosting, it was one of major factor that made me realize that x10 isn’t really safe for putting up my content, though, I still use it to put up some non-sensitive content).
  • This blog is now accessible via https 😀 ! (I have ssl certs issued from cacert.org, you might have to add root certificates to avoid the annoying prompt: http://www.cacert.org/index.php?id=3 , Its safe to add these.)
  • I cleared about 7.5k spam comments to filter out 3 legitimate comments, It was really a pita. Now I realize the necessity of using Akismet plugin! (Currently I am using free version of it).
  • I have found an enthusiast cyclist in myself ;). Covered 50km two weeks back, 40km last week and 60km planned for this weekend :).
  • I purchased a new domain, adar.sh :D, albeit too costly :(.
  • Developing a web app with a geeky 10 std. guy, Gautam , his domain was inspiration for me to purchase my domain ;).
  • Too less progress on my thesis in past two months :(. Gotta work hell lot in next couple of months.
  • Learnt a lot of new tricks in general problem solving and specifically computer programming while preparing for placements, One of the best books to read is Jon Bently’s book, Programming Pearls!
  • I have moved full time from hostel to department :P! (I go to hostel to do only essential stuff).
  • Built another couple of apps which won places at RHoK#3 and Hack U! at IIT Kanpur.
  • Ich lerne Deutsch :).
  • Went on an amazing trip to Nainital with my batch mates, fun it was!
  • Playing with wii remote these days ;).
  • Updated my resume after a gap of nearly 3 years! That task was really painful :-/ . (Warning: It’s long :P)
  • I am involved in some high profile things, whose details I currently can’t disclose :). (Will write follow up posts once it can be public!)
  • Last and least too :P, my friends have created a page on facebook, ‘Aap Adarsh Geek Hain’ (which I have already reported as spam!), which has somehow attracted a lot of following :-/ , even from my family members! It was supposed to last as a joke for couple of days, but now due to large following has been running for quite long, but eventually, it *will* die! 😀

I am happy to post this onto blog after such a long time, hope to talk here soon :), bye for now.

6 Replies to “Lots of updates :)”

  1. Treat for me to introducing you to Programming Pearls.

    Thanks for the free publicity to the page “Aap Adarsh Geek Hai”.

  2. @Praveen: well, it was you and Apurda almost in parallel recommend me the same book 🙂

    @kanan: Oh, no man! The page has to die :-/. Btw, you have a nice blog and a good theme!

    @pankaj: Well, I was never away :P, but anyways, its true that I have someone accompanying now to discuss srms 😉

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