Mention not :)

This post is just a timepass one, just to let everyone know that I am still alive ;). Ok, coming back to the title of this post, if you have known me for sometime and have asked me for a favor, then you should be knowing what my post is all about :). For many of those who don’t know me, this post talks about my signature ending of a conversation, when the other party has asked me for some kind of favor :). I generally tend to help even unknown persons, given that I am convinced about their motive of asking me for help is a noble one[ this is left to my discretion 😛 ]. I believe in helping those in need without expecting any return benefit, may be just to spread happiness, or may be to prevent someone from getting into trouble. The sanskrit verse below broadly summarizes my motive:

सर्वे   भवन्तु   सुखिन:   सर्वे   सन्तु  निरामया: ।
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद् दु:ख भाग्भवेत् ।

Which translates into English as follows(courtesy:

May all be happy! (sukhinah)May all be free from disabilities! (niraamayaah)
May all look (pashyantu)to the good of others!May none suffer from sorrow! (duhkha)

I was introduced to this verse quite long back, when I was in my pre-school[ Yes, this is one among very few things that I remember from that time 😉 ]. Ofcourse, I didn’t know its meaning late till high school, where I had Sanskrit as my first language and studied verses like these and understood them better. The unselfish wish in such verses is what drives me help other people, without expecting a ‘thank you’ in return. So this is the reason why I would generally end my conversation with a mention not :).

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  1. this is the first blog of urs which i read….. i think i m gonna follow u……….
    i like ur ideology…….

  2. hi adarsh…… You just remind me of our first year in bangalore…. night talks…!!!!! Good to see u…

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