More than a month!

I just realized that my blog has not been updated for quite long now, its over a month! Well, it surely is not because I was too lazy to update it, but this one month was much more than a month for me :).

Lot of things have happened in this past month, indeed its one of the most important and as well as one of most busiest & longest of past year. To begin with, I had just completed my end semester exams and was waiting eagerly for the results, although we get to know our exact score, we have scored in the exam within 2 to 3 days of exam(Yeah, correct! The exam evaluation system here in IIT is much better, students don’t need to wait insane long months, you get to know your exact marks within 3 days of exam 🙂 )



Sorry, I cannot continue the post, it has been lying in my drafts for over a month now, the month that his post refers to is December 2010, and now its already February 2011! I don’t exactly remember what was in my mind when I started this post, but I don’t want to simply delete it off too, so here goes, I publish this semi-written post as it is 😉 .

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