Chance favors the connected mind!

After a brief inactivity period[blame de end sems!], I am back with a motivation! 🙂

So before we begin, please see the video:

There are lot of things to learn from this video, I am so convinced with what Mr. Steven Johnson has to say! If not for those social hubs, we would have had been way beyond than where we are now, indeed its true that unless you see from another persons perspective, you won’t even be able to imagine existence of such a point of view. After applying this thought in retrospection, I figure that even in my case, it was those little talks, small tea breaks with community that mattered more than me sitting alone and thinking! Recalling the Open Hack Day’08, I clearly remember that it was the place where I got a lot to learn from the community, which had many participants coming from different walks of life. But lately, these physical places have been replaced by online socializing sites or IRC’s, this in a way has expanded the reach of connectivity, but at the same time, you cannot be confident about the information that you collect on these channels, unless you actually know them personally in offline world and trust them to be authentic source.

Apart from the actual content of the video, I love the way Mr. Steven Johnson has presented his ideas! He starts from a seemingly unrelated note and at the end wraps it up in a fantastic way by connecting his main theme with the unrelated note! Now, I do understand where do ideas come from ;)!

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  1. Great video!!!! Totally agree to Mr. Steven Johnson. It is in the chaos that the ideas are born. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this video. (Am just going to hit replay now 😉 )

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