Wassup with me?

Thought I should record this onto my blog. Of late, my biological clock has got totally messed up, I have been sleeping throughout the day, keeping my self up the whole night, I don’t really realize when is the transition happening from day to night and vice-versa. The only time I get out of my room is when I have to mark my daily attendance [Its bio-metric authentication with a smart card id], which I can’t really miss. That time would be generally around 4 in the evening and after that I generally play for sometime, I mean the real games, like football or table tennis. I have lost the touch of playing computer games for quite long now, the last one I played with immense interest was probably AOE ( I had played it continuously for around 48 hrs, non stop! πŸ™‚ ), that was when I realized that addiction to computer games is bad, real bad; Nonetheless, I do really appreciate the Game developers’ skill, they manage to capture the attention of an average youth, whose mind wanders like a drunken monkey for long periods, wish I could be the one designing such game.

So, the next obvious thing to ask is, What do I do with my time? Why is the schedule so screwed up? Surprisingly, I really don’t know the answer! If I knew it, I wouldn’t be up the whole night and writing this blog early in the morning @ 5.30 am. Time just flies by and you don’t even realize it, I thought its gonna be a pleasant break for me to catch up with the things that have been happening in the class, I mean the academic stuff, and also do some programming to understand some advanced data structures, but now, its already 3 days up! I have spent half of my break, doing nothing? Nothing, as in, the nothingness of the vacuum of the deep space.  All I know is, I wake up when I feel its too much of sleep for the day, cycle to department, mark my attendance, play some time, browse online for couple of hours, catch up with my buddies for a cup of tea @ midnight, watch a movie or browse through facebook for couple of hours and then retire for the day(I don’t really know if ‘day’ is the right word here). I think its now time for me to think and re-think about how to utilize my time efficiently, so, bidding adieu saying, this is wassup with me.

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  1. Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

    – Daniel

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