Helping others feels good :)

It has always been my passion to help as many as possible, in whatever way I can, it somehow gives me a deep pleasure which can’t be explained in words, so you must be thinking why this post today? You might have already guessed ;), I did an act which gave me a great satisfaction. Well, lets start this from beginning…

About a month back, on one of those regular days, some one knocked my door, I wasn’t expecting anyone at that time, I thought it may be one of pending couriers which had not arrived for quite long, but I was wrong, it was some stranger, seemed like an average youth aged around 30 years, he asked me my name and confirmed whether my blood group was A+; ?I was quite surprised about these questions, but he quickly revealed to me that he is one of the mess workers, whose father was admitted to hospital and was in need of large quantity of blood as soon as possible. He had a big list of names, which was most probably collected from our office automation site,  he was going to every room and confirming whether they can donate blood. It was quite long time since I had donated blood, last time I remember donating blood was in November 2008, when we had organized blood donation camp from NSS @ MSRIT. I had missed out the opportunity of donating blood in 2009 camp, I was very busy with the organizing stuff and all the blood banks were filled with enough units of blood by the time I was free. That year (2009) was the highest collection of blood units from donation camp at our college, all thanks due to Bharath and Harish, who had led the whole team to a successful conduction of camp. So, coming back to present, I mean, one month back ;), this quick recap was playing in my head, I soon agreed to donate blood and asked him to call me anytime in the afternoon, when I am generally free.

I was waiting for call during the next couple of days, but to my dismay, that person never called. I was left out with the opportunity to have helped some one in need. But, the story doesn’t end there, it was yesterday, early in the morning, I saw that very same person coming to my room, frankly I couldn’t recall his face, but had a slight sense that I have met him previously sometime, he told my cell was switched off and he had tried contacting me, the day  before, I was still trying to figure out who this person was, it was at that time, when he took out the same paper with lots of name, I recalled it was the same fellow who had come asking for blood about a month back, but this time, it wasn’t for his father, but for another co-worker’s brother, who had to be donated blood. It was already 9.30 in the morning, I had my class at 10, I asked him to come by 1 in the afternoon, he agreed and left. When I came back at around 12.30, I was expecting this person to show up, he did come, albeit couple of minutes late, I asked him to wait till I had my lunch( I didn’t want to faint right after I donate the blood πŸ˜› ), we left the hostel by 1.30 and reached the blood bank around 2, the person had arranged someone to pick me on his bike, so travelling was not a problem, within next hour, they collected a test sample and did various tests to confirm that I am fit to donate blood, and collected 350ml of blood. I hardly spoke anything with the patient’s brother, only thing I know about him is that, he is a fresh graduate who completed his MCA and wanted to apply for GATE this year, but met with an accident few days back.

After donating blood, the person offered me a tetra pack of juice, which I was glad to accept, the same person dropped me back to my room. The experience this time was quite pleasant, expect for the fact that, I am still feeling the pain at the point where they pricked the needle, but I didn’t feel it tiring. I was back at my friends room in few minutes after reaching and solving our assignments :), with a great pleasure of having helped someone who was in need. Helping others, who are in need, feels good. Real good :).

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