My experience and interview at IITK (Kanpur) – Part I – The journey to Kanpur

Nearly a week before, on 8th May, i was packing my bags to catch my train to Jhansi ( Karnataka Samparkkranti ). I had been shortlisted for written test and interview based on my GATE Score ( 784, cutoff being 750), from Jhansi I had to board an intercity express to kanpur early in the morning. I was quite excited and nervous at the same time, being in IIT was always a big dream for me :), I didnt want to miss this golden opportunity to get in for, I took two of my books for preparation through out the journey and a days stay at Kanpur, the books I took were “Design and Analysis of Algorithms” and “Automata Theory, Language and Computation”, both being core theoritical subjects, my journey to Jhansi was quite plesant one, reached there somewhere around 3am. I had studied quite a lot during the whole days journey and had covered nearly half of Algorithms and 3/4th of FAFL( I really had no other work to do! The charging points on train were not working so my laptop was also shutdown), so was quite confident about my preparation. Now I had to spend nearly 3 hours before I could get the intercity express, I started roaming around to see where I could get a waiting room, so that I could charge my dead batteries of laptop and mobile… Finally found one after quite a lot of searching, I charged my laptop completely and tried plugging in my BSNL EVDO, but it refused to get connected, so essentially I was cut off the online world till I get back to bangalore! But I had one more thing lined up for me to worry about, my mobile charger stopped working! I didnt have enough charge to even call up home and inform them that I had reached there safely! I hesitantly asked a co-waiting passenger if he had a charger for nokia, and voila! he had, i borrowed it from him for charging my phone for atleast 15mins or so.. Then got freshened and had a good tea at the platform, til then the intercity had arrived on platform with well over half-an-hour before departure, I got in and sat on my seat, waiting for train to leave and got back to my studies again.

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  1. Hi, good to hear the story. Even I had a hard time getting to IITK. Had to endure a 40 hr journey from Pune->Mumbai->Jhansi->Kanpur. Unfortunately I couldnt get past the interview. Finally ended up at JCA, IIT Delhi. Anyways, it was a good experience. Glad to hear that a lot of people have difficulty getting to IITK 😀

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